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When Prophet Joseph (Yusuf) Rejected Zuleika’s Indecent Proposal

When Prophet Joseph (Yusuf) Rejected Zuleika’s Indecent Proposal…

Prophet Joseph PBUH is an important figure in Islam and his story is one of the most inspiring stories of the Quran. Watch this scene of one of the movies made about Prophet Joseph’s life (The Prophet Yusuf movie) according to the Islamic tradition.


More Facts about Prophet Joseph in Islam

Prophet Joseph (Nabi Yusuf, Hazrat Yousuf) is an important figure in Islam and other Abrahamic religions aka Judaism and Christianity. The story of Joseph is one of the most inspiring stories in Islamic tradition which the Quran (The Muslim holy book) refers to as “the most beautiful of stories.” Joseph from the Quran corresponds to Joseph (son of Jacob), a person from the Tanakh, the Jewish religious scripture, and the Christian Bible. Of all of Jacob’s children, Joseph was trusted with prophethood.

Although the narratives of other prophets are mentioned in various Surahs (Chapters) of the holy Quran, the complete story of Joseph is uniquely narrated in a single chapter. The story of Joseph in the Quran is a continuous narrative and the Quran itself relates to the story’s importance in the third verse of Surah Yusuf: “and We narrate unto you best or most beautiful of stories (aḥsanal-qaṣaṣ)”.

The story of Prophet Joseph (Prophet Yusuf, Nabi Yusuf, Hazrat Yousuf, Yusuf the Prophet) is said to be the most detailed narrative in the Quran and bears more details than the Biblical counterpart. The Islamic and the Biblical sources bear considerable similarities in narrating the story of Joseph. Joseph is believed to have been the eleventh son of Jacob (Yaqub). He along with his family lived in the land of Cana’an. The story of Joseph in Islam begins with Joseph revealing a dream he had to his father, which Jacob recognizes as a prophecy.

Joseph’s half-brothers were jealous of him because they knew that he was their father, Jacob’s favorite son, and therefore plotted to kill him. Upon suggestion by one of his brothers, they threw Joseph into a well and a camel caravan carrying spices and perfumes to Egypt, found Joseph and took him into slavery. They sold Joseph to Potiphar, the captain of Pharaoh’s guard. Potiphar took him home and asked his wife, Zuleika (Zuleikha, Zulaikha, Zulekha), to treat him well. This is the point of the story that many scholars of Islam report as being central (contrasting to other religious traditions) to Joseph’s story. Under Potiphar’s watch, Joseph grows to a man and moves to a high position in his household. Zuleika (Zulekha) falls in love with Joseph and tries to seduce him into an affair.

Many movies, TV serials, cartoons, etc. have been made based on the story of Prophet Yusuf’s life in accordance with the narratives of different religions, especially Islam. This clip (From the Prophet Yusuf movie) shows the moment when Zuleika orders her servants to bring Joseph to her privacy, to try to seduce him into an intimate relationship, but Joseph rejects her request.

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