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Who We Are

HAQ is a media company in Paris, France, seeking to promote empathy and understanding, in a world yearning for peace more than ever, and overcome communication barriers. We aim to do so by focusing on the commonalities between Muslims and people of other religions and beliefs, as well as addressing misunderstandings about Islam.

We welcome all Muslim and non-Muslim individuals, communities, organizations, NGOs and whoever shares the same concern and wishes to take a step toward a better and more inclusive world, to help us realize this dream.

What We Do

Muslims are just like non-Muslims but with a scarf or a beard on, right? Wrong!

If only Islam was that simple... But it's not!

Islam as a whole, is neither about the scarf, nor the beard, nor the prohibition of pork and alcohol, as you have probably already guessed! It’s a whole different school of thought with its own philosophy, rituals, and legal and financial systems. And here at HAQ, we go beyond the image of Islam and portray this complex system as a whole.

So whether you're a non-Muslim and don’t know much about Islam, or a Muslim and think you know enough, HAQ is a good place to start. Check out our website for cool creative content and watch the religion unveil before your eyes!