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This Man Could Detect Parasites with Naked Eyes!

Abū Marwān ‘Abd al-Malik ibn Zuhr, traditionally known by his Latinized name Avenzoar[a], was an Arab Muslim physician, surgeon, and poet. He was born at Seville in medieval Andalusia (present-day Spain), was a contemporary of Averroes and Ibn Tufail, and was the most well-regarded physician of his era. He was particularly known for his emphasis on a more rational, empiric basis of medicine. His major work, Al-Taysīr fil-Mudāwāt wal-Tadbīr (“Book of Simplification Concerning Therapeutics and Diet”), was translated into Latin and Hebrew and was influential to the progress of surgery. He also improved surgical and medical knowledge by keying out several diseases and their treatments. Ibn Zuhr is also known as the father of Parasitology, because he worked extensively on the parasitic diseases and their causes. Watch this episode of Nameables to find out more about Ibn Zuhr and his contributions to medical science.

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