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Islam ‘s Solution for Solving the World’s Population Aging Issue!

The Silver Tsunami (also known as Grey Tsunami, Gray Tsunami, Silver Wave, Gray Wave, or Grey Wave) is a metaphor used to describe population aging. The aging of the world is happening fast. Americans 65 and older are now 16% of the population and will make up 21% by 2035. At that point, they will outnumber those under 18. Other countries are even older. Japan leads—more than a quarter of its population is 65 or older—but Germany, Italy, Finland, and much of the rest of the European Union  aren’t far behind. A quarter of the people in Europe and North America will be 65 or older by 2050.

Many worry that aging populations will doom the world economy and make life miserable for everyone.

Now, what does Islam suggest to address the silver tsunami?

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